Thursday, 31 July 2008

A Policy, not an operational matter

In various exchanges of correspondence, the details of which I am restricted from discussing by unwarrented 'Private' labels, there has been one repeated feature of note:

It is clear that the majority of your elected officials believe that CCTV is a operational, and not a Policy concern.

Letters that I have written to councillors, have in certain cases been forwarded to the local authority officals responsible for implementing CCTV. I am not concerned about CCTV's implementation. I am sure that it is implemented very well. No one that we know of has been struck by a falling lens cap of electricuted by some faulty wiring. If they had no doubt, I would have been in touch with Fife Community Safety Partnership.

The problem is the principle. White van man, let's call him, Mr. Y, put it best of all:

Me: Terrible to have this CCTV everywhere.
Mr. Y: Oh, I know, an absolute disgrace. Isn't it awful how ready we are to hand over our liberties. Called Radio Scotland about it the other day. The usual hang'em and flog'em brigade was on. I said that it was their defensive attitude that got us into this position.

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