Thursday, 12 March 2009

Here comes the summer sun...

Summer at last is on its way. I woke up this morning with gorgeous summery sunshine pouring through my window. I could feel the heat as I walked on the floor. Bring on the hot weather.

As the sun gets up this summer, you will need to take care of your sun. Sun cream and sensible doses are both important, and hats likewise.

But there is another good reason for wearing a hat. If you start wearing a broad-brimmed hat, then you will be protecting yourself from excessive state surveillance of your daily business. Umbrellas are likewise useful in this regard. Too much surveillance is bad for the long-term health of our society and can lead to the state building up an unnecessarily detailed picture of our daily lives.

So take care! Protect yourselves! We all have a right and duty to protest peacefully against this intrusive menace.

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