Monday, 7 March 2011

That's all folks

I've tried all sorts of things and no one is listening, so I have decided to go and live where there are no cameras.

Good luck, Kirkcaldy. 


Yasmine Bonner said...

Don't give up. The State has no lawful reason to record/store and transfer the images of law abiding citizens when they are going about their business in a public place. These cameras do not discriminate between the law abider and the law breaker. As such the authorities are being driven by technology rather than good and just policy. CCTV has failed to reduce crime and only rarely assists with prosecutions. Most of the cameras are of such poor quality that they place us all at risk of being mistakenly identified as a suspect. The majority may support these cameras but the majority do not have the right to take away my freedom and privacy. I reject these cameras and the raionale that is given for their installation!

Helen White said...

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